Alex: Introducing Jay Denson

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Over the holiday break from school, I got the amazing opportunity to give my insight and feedback on Jay Denson’s upcoming single. Naturally, I was stoked! I was so honored and humbled to know that someone as talented as him valued my opinion! I took a seat and he gathered his thoughts. He told me a brief synopsis of his life before coming to college, his first 2 semesters of college and exactly what he wanted to do with his gift. Before my first listen of his music, I’d only read poems he’d written and been a follower on Twitter (Sidenote: Follow him: @jay_denson). I had no idea how talented, driven and amazing this guy was! Of course with perfecting your craft, comes perfectionism and being your own biggest critic. And this guy, he has to be the biggest one I’ve met yet – which can be bad and good. Jay told me that because he was such a harsh critic on himself, it delayed the release of his first single for some time now. He asked for my most blunt criticism, for the reason that whatever advice I could possibly give, he’d probably already gone over it 50 times in his head before I mentioned it. I thought I was just going to be listening to tracks that he’d completed and recorded, but I was in for a real treat.

He gave me a preview of the story to be conveyed in the song, played the track and he began to perform. I was in awe. Just like he said, he definitely has what it takes to make it. He has a distinct sound, the drive, determination, and the content. What I love the most about him though, is that his lyrics are relatable, and to a broad audience; from a young boy or girl dealing with depression, to a man regretting not expressing his love to a love that’s now lost.  There are so many artists that make music I enjoy, but that’s all it is – music that I enjoy. Music is so much more personal and meaningful when you can relate to the artist.  He performed a few other tracks and finally asked me which I felt was the most “first single worthy.” I loved them all but this one can you not love it?! Because truly, we all have an Alex. If you haven’t met him/her yet, I guarantee they’ll make their debut sooner or later..

On the release day, he sent me the final version (when you download it, be sure to listen to the full song!) for me to listen to and asked for my review. This is exactly what it said..

“Honestly, I’ve listened to the song at least….15 times. I’m trying to come up with at least one comment that’s constructive criticism but I can’t think of anything! I LOVE the entire song – beginning to end! I love the beat, your sound, the flow of the story, the story itself, Jamie’s comical ending – everything! I honestly cannot find a single flaw in this one.”
Mr. Denson – you’re on your way sir.

FUCK Alex.
-Jay Denson



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