Definition of Lovers Lost: LaJon’s Debut EP

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this day since I heard one of the first mentions of it on his YouTube channel. And now, the long, awaited day and time has finally arrived! The FREE debut EP of the incredibly talented soul singer LaJon, has been released and available for download! And of course, what’s a debut day without a review from Amnezia?

Definition of Lovers Lost

LaJon describes his first album, Definition of Lovers Lost, as a musical compilation of true personal experiences with musical attachments. LaJon says, “This EP is extremely conceptual. It is a journey, a travel through a young man’s lens as he deals with the deepest, realest emotions of love – all while remaining optimistic that he’ll find love again.” I asked LaJon what does the album mean to him in reference to his music career. He said, “I feel this EP represents the style of music I dwell in – very lyrical and sonically driven, what instrumentation I enjoy, etc. You get a glimpse of the uniqueness of the not so typical R&B artist.” The EP features acoustic sounds with elements of soul, rock, Motown and country. His lyrical composition in part with the musical sounds found throughout the album from this band dYe-versitY, creates the emotional elements of relationships including vulnerability, betrayal, and heartbreak.

My ranting and raving of Try Me, No Coincidence, and Rekindle was done months ago, so I’ll dive straight into my review! The intro of the EP starts off with a very rock-ish vibe and of course LaJon amps it up with his voice filled with soul. After Try Me and No Coincidence comes a short interlude – Lessons of a Butterfly – which is followed by Autumn Leaf. This track definitely had more of a country sound – which I enjoyed! He talks about floating in the wind like an autumn leaf after leaving a relationship that served as a place of comfort, and needing to tackle being out on his own without having “her” as someone to lean on.
The Perfect Ear: One who’s avoiding taking the hard, but necessary step in doing what’s best for them and ending a relationship.

Fragile Thing definitely got me rocking with the incorporation of the saxophone! He was schooled as a youngster by his mother about the care of a woman’s heart. Though I’m sure his female listeners would love to hear LaJon say he’s never broken a woman’s heart, he keeps it real and admits to his mistakes. The love of the sound of a saxophone definitely hooked me, but his lyrics spoke nothing but truth.
 The Perfect Ear: Young men needing direction as to how to care for and handle something as fragile as a woman’s heart.

After Rekindle, is Does Exist. Of course I can’t predict the future, but this would be my hypothetical wedding song – word to the organs. I can’t describe this song as anything else but beautiful. In my opinion it was the perfect way to end the album and if I had to pick only one favorite, this would definitely be it. The passion and genuine emotion comes so naturally, and you can hear from the first listen that nothing about this song was forced. He opens the song searching for a certain soul, and closes with the lyrics of, “glad I found my soul,” – complete genius.
The Perfect Ear: New lovers/newlyweds.

As someone who has been in love, as well as being lost because I lost love, I absolutely love and adore Definition of Lovers Lost. It’s everything that I love about real music. It’s filled with lyrics that are overwhelmed with passion, sounds that are ideal for every lover of every music genre, and topped off with emotion that I can truly feel. Just as he hopes, I hope as well that you will feel him through his music, just as I did. So by now, I’m hoping you either already have your copy, or are about to download it by clicking this link now! In addition to the provided links, Definition of Lovers Lost can also be found on! As always, you won’t be disappointed!

Also, join LaJon as he, along with BMI and ThisIsRnB, host his EP Release Party on TONIGHT, Febrauary 28th at 6:30pm at the Soul Asylum Studios in Atlanta GA!

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