Stars aligned, like I am no other. Front page flow, I don’t even need a cover. Mr. [Ms.] Potential with a pencil, Peyton Manning with a pen. I’ll draw the play for you to run, then write you off again.
-Jay Denson

"Neon" by Jay Denson

As featured in “Alex: Introducing Jay Denson..”, Jay is a dreamer that is determined to make it. On “Neon”download it now before it slips your mind – he speaks about how as a child, he fell “in love with the rhymes and hopes to see his name on a neon sign.” The beat of the song is very unusual at first listen, but the arrangement is very intricate and like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Guy speaks the truth! Denson says, “said you wanted a good guy but didn’t mean me. But when the money and the fame comes, you’ll be the 1st one to say that you always liked me – yeah, not likely.” I roll my eyes everytime I hear that lyric, because it’s so true! It’s funny to sit back and watch that guy who always got looked over, make it, and see how the groupies and exes flood the scene. I don’t know about yall, but I’m trying to be on that neon..

Since being presented with the opportunity/possibility of turning my blog into a career and not just a hobby, I haven’t been able to stop dreaming. People always say “everyone wants the fame.” No, not everyone; I can do without the fame. I’d rather be the one to interview the rich and famous, to have those with their names in neon lights wanting me to feature their work. I can’t explain the feeling of relief of finally knowing my purpose in life. I’ve always known that living a life of fame just wasn’t something that suited me, and it amazes me how God brought me the perfect opportunity to make my dreams achievable. I’m humbled every time I have someone approach me saying how my words moved them, or they found comfort in my words and knowing they weren’t experiencing their pain alone. And they may not know, but they bring me comfort as well. It’s always easier to cope when you don’t have to do it alone.

Last week I got a visit from my manager. It still hasn’t clicked in my head yet that I have a manager.. I was shocked to see him being that his visit was a surprise. After the greetings and small talk, he got to business. He asked me, “why are my coworkers asking me why haven’t you posted anything new in a week?” I had no words for an explanation, but embarrassment doesn’t even say enough for what I was feeling. After a quick talking-to, he made me realize that it seemed that others were taking my dream more seriously than I was. It made me take a minute for some self-reflection. Though I have a full plate filled with academics, work and involvement with on campus organizations, I understood how it could be interpreted that I wasn’t taking myself seriously. Music is something that I’m passionate about and something that moves me. Why limit my thoughts when I have so much to say? His lecture definitely forced me to regain my focus, so get ready readers. Like Jay Denson, “I’m on that neon – what you on?”


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