As my eyes fill up with tears it pains me every time I reminisce us. What ever happened? Where did we go?

If you’re not on-board with the incredibly talented R&B artist LaJon, you should change that – like, yesterday. Though I could go on and on about his talent with no difficulty, I won’t. I’ll say this – download the music from and read the blog features I’ve done entitled, Try Me: Introducing Lajon.. and No Coincidence. Two things I must say are: the pianist and violinist go absolute hammeth on this one and LaJon definitely proves his voice has dynamic range. I don’t believe in endorsing underdeveloped music and if you didn’t know before, now you know. As Kevin Hart would say, update your life with this music and “GET OUT THE BOWL!”

Warning: The instrumentation alone may cause the urge to listen to the song excessively. Remain calm. This is normal.

Since the week after cutting ties with Mr. Man, I wondered what things would be like when we finally met again. That time has come and gone, and it went nothing how I thought it would. I thought I would be an emotional, nervous wreck; I thought we would discuss what happened; and I thought there would be masses of drama. None of that happened. I was calm; the only conversations held were minimal and influenced by alcohol; and there was little-to-no drama. I kept my composure, but I’m no fool and I know myself better than anyone else. After being out of touch with him for so long, being in his presence was awkward – but I liked it. Surprisingly enough, after all he’s put me through I still wanted to talk to him. I wanted time away from the celebration for just us. I can’t explain why; I’m yet to understand myself, and who can fault me? It’s so unimaginably hard to comprehend going from being so incredibly in love, to absolutely nothing, in an instant with no explanation. Who wouldn’t want to rekindle something that seemed so perfect, so real and so…meant to be? All the things he said and  promises he made, I’ll probably never know if they were genuine. But my feelings; my emotions; my love, they were all very real and very sincere. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for me to let them go. Yes, I know I said I wanted nothing more to do with him, his name or the memories we shared. At the same time, I can’t help but to have a longing to have my question answered and know where we went wrong..


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