“I’m just sayin, if you ain’t inside of the box, stop checkin for replacements. Speaking of which, you don’t have to wonder. She can go on and fall for me, starting with the summer…fall baby..”
-Jay Denson

He’s been featured in my blog times before, [Neon & Alex] as well as constantly being played on my computer and iPhone playlist. I am a huge fan of Jay Denson, and this song gives me yet another reason to be. It wasn’t until I listened to this song that I realized, that he can show his sexy side when he wants to! In “Neon,” he was driven and served as an inspiration to others. In “Alex,” he was anything but a fan of the female species. But in “Summer,” the mixture of his smooth tone, a sample from The Dramatics’ “Thank You For Your Love,” and his love of women and hip-hop, it’s definitely one of my favorite songs from him. With my first listen to his recently released EP, Boy Meets World, “Summer” and Jay definitely had me hooked. I was stuck at “fall baby,” and I can’t seem to get enough of this line and the suave that it’s filled with.
“I’m trying to make love to this music
let’s have some kids, baby I’ll produce them
put you on top of keys, synthesize up and down your thighs
and I promise this performance will be live
so let me strum your strings, let me beat your drum…”
Ladies…need I say more? He definitely has a way with words, because it’s been on repeat all summer long…

I remember the summer of 2008 and 2009 like it was yesterday. Summer 2008 marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and the following marked the beginning of that same friendship transitioning into one that will last a lifetime. Even though he looks nothing like him, he was introduced to me as Chris Brown, and that is what I called him for the two weeks that remained of that summer. In a random day of class during the fall semester, I realized that Mr. Chris Brown and I shared a class. Study afternoons became distracted nights, and occasional visits became sweet, afternoon naps. I guess you could say it was a precious type of “puppy love;” and as time progressed, so did mutual feelings.

He taught me things I never knew, and I cooked him amazing meals he’d never tasted. We were a different type of ebony and ivory. By the time Summer 2009 rolled around, we were inseparable – a 2 for 1 packaged deal. I’d acquired a third roommate, and his dorm only served as his walk-in closet. One of my favorite memories we shared was Valentine’s Day – an entire day spent just enjoying each others company. Though we were valentines, gifts weren’t needed nor wanted. There were no petty arguments or bad thoughts, just a day filled with laughter, great conversation and tender kisses. Caught up in a whirlwind of bliss, the news he presented at the conclusion of that summer nearly broke my heart. His time here at Southern had come to an end, and he’d be returning back home.

I didn’t understand then, but I couldn’t appreciate it more now. Our “relationship” was forced to become only a friendship, but I took away so much from it. When I think of this summer compared to that, I have so much envy. During that year, I’ve never spent more time just living – without worry, stress or anxiety. Of course there were occasional fights and bad times, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. Our time spent together was like an entire year of summer. That beautiful friendship made over that beautiful summer, oh how I miss my Charlie..


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