Try Me: Introducing LaJon

Open up your eyes. Take down that disguise. Let me come inside for a little while. Put your pride aside. Leave your past behind. I’ll be yours & you’ll be mine.

Try Me: Part I

I’ve always been one to browse around on YouTube, listening to random artists’ covers – some longing to be discovered and some who do it solely for enjoyment. In this case, LaJon Caldwell is one that deserves to be discovered. His voice is soft enough to express that tender affection that women desire, but strong enough to convey a man’s strength. His songwriting ability is extraordinary. His debut single “Try Me” is definitely one that you can put on repeat and just let it ride. Usually it takes me a few days to warm up to new music, but this one was without a doubt an instant favorite and already has 41 plays on my iTunes – and no I’m not exaggerating. Needless to say, I am more than thrilled for his up-and-coming project, “Definition of a Lover’s Lost.” I have a feeling his debut album will speak my heart.

Download "Try Me" NOW! You will not be disappointed!

LaJon, listening to “Studio Conversations” gave me chills! I know your success is right around the corner and I look forward to following your musical journey as you make it there. You have an amazing gift and I’m excited for you because I know you’ll get your chance at sharing it with the world. Thanks for being another reason I love R&B music. I’m definitely not a fan – I’m a supporter!

***Visit to download “Try Me” & more music!***

Try Me: Part II

This past weekend, I found myself in a deep conversation with Mr. Man that derived from a feud. Like always, the feud was eventually extinguished and in the end, it taught us something about our relationship, taught us something about ourselves as individuals, and brought us closer together. We both agreed that we never planned on “Mr. and Mrs. Man” ever existing. It was something that just..happened. I had always secretly thought that my long-time/summer crush would never progress into anything further, and he had planned on continuing to live the bachelor’s life post-graduation.

We continued our talk and he confessed some of his feelings that I had never heard before. He said that he’d never shared the connection that we share with anyone else and that he didn’t quite know how to handle it. He said that he’s always been sort of an introvert, and isn’t the easiest person to convince to come out of their shell; that he always wants everyone to trust him, but has a hard time trusting others. Of course I asked him if he trusted me, and without hesitation he said yes. He then said he’s just one that wants to move slower than the average.

I didn’t quite know how to feel about his words. Some of it hurt, and some of it made my feelings grow to become even stronger. I told him he knows how I feel, but I think he wants to feel a certain way toward me, and won’t allow his heart to. I’ve thought of this conversation repeatedly since that night, and “Try Me” comes to mind every time..

Mr. Man, I wish you would give me that one chance I’m longing for to mend your broken heart. You could be with anyone else, but you’re not. Try me..



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