Say What’s Real

It cuts a deep wound to have the want and need to tell a friend that I love them. But the words go unsaid, because I fear she can’t say it back in truth. So does that make that friend, a love lost?..

They say nice guys finish last, and I always disagree. But if that’s the case, why do I find myself longing to converse with the one that doesn’t miss me, over the one always yearning to tell me I’m beautiful?..

To make my dreams a reality, all I need is Him; but it still hurts to not have support of those who claim to always be there…

Responsibility gives me some sort of high, but those that seem to be incompetent of fulfilling their duties leave me to be nothing but a junkie…

I’m a workaholic. So by accepting nothing but the best from those that report to me..does that make me dictator, or just one that won’t settle for anything less than supreme?

Why work to make changes within me, when another is continuously making all the mistakes?

When will I learn to take a day off? I guess when I figure out exactly what a “day off” is…

I was almost on life support upon giving my life to Him. I had almost conformed to the ways of this world; now I’m awaiting the transformation within myself by the renewal of my mind.. (inspired by Romans 12:2)

Accepting being unwanted is one of the largest pills to swallow, especially when it’s being prescribed by someone who continues to feed you smiles laced with lies and false hope….

I stare into the dark, knowing He is the anchor….I seal my eyelids and wonder how I drifted so far away..

Depending on others is no option when I’m striving to make the unlikely possible. Why do I continue to forfeit my independence by doing so?

It’s tough accepting what once was a gain, as a loss. But in order to grow, sacrifices must be made.

The date is unknown, but one day I will awaken from my dreams and embrace my new reality.

“Yeah…that’s all I can say..”


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