Does Exist – Part II

I used to be a nonbeliever. I used to think it could not be; but when it happened, so quickly it hit me in my face and now I’m in love. Can’t you see that it does? It does; I believe that it does; I know that it does. It does exist. Glad I found my soul.

Part I of this post can be found here: “Does Exist – Part I”

The change of emotion in his words confused me, and my heart began to race. I had no idea where this could be coming from. Without me having the slightest hunch about what the “news” was, he continued on. “Talking to him really made me realize what we have, and I’ve come to the realization that
I love you.

I’ve always known that Mr. Man has been slow to trust and even slower to love. Since that day, the entire magnitude of our relationship has changed. Where we used to think for I or me, we now think for us and we. The man of mystery that I somehow adored for so long finally let his true colors shine through. The Mr. Man I once knew never showed emotion unless he was forced to. He was a “sit on the dock of the bay” kind of character – word to Otis. But this new guy, he sweeps me off my feet every single day. Of course we’re human, so we’re not exempt to occasional quarrels or disagreements. But by the end of each one, the love we share for one another grows even stronger. I thought I’d been in love before. But now, I can honestly say I truly know what love is. Knowing I’m his “heart and soul” – as he says it – makes every ounce of worry and concern I had before disappear. The shadow of constant doubt that was created from our rough and abrupt break-up has finally been illuminated. He’s not only my love, but my best friend.

Regular phone conversations and Skype dates compensate for the distance; but the time between visits kills us softly. “Closets” have been cleaned and future plans about a ceremony and tykes have been discussed. I thought about why I waited on something that wasn’t exactly promising. Besides being stupid and crazy, I’ve never been one to give up on something I really want. Sometimes things that can’t be explained at the time, have best results at the end.

I had considered the thought before, but now I know he’s the one. I know he’s the soul I’ve been searching for; and I’m glad I finally found him.

Visit for “Does Exist” and his debut EP, “Definition of Lovers Lost.”

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