In Love With Another Man

“If I could, could forget him…I would please believe me. And I know that I should throw the towel in, but baby it’s not, not that easy. You treat me so much better than him and if I was sane there’d be no competition, but I’m in love with someone else.”
-Jazmine Sullivan

He presented himself so appropriately, with salutations like miss and ma’am. I was quite fond of his low-key presence, and found  comfort in knowing that he was no longer the “big man on campus.” His priorities were in order, and he was always nothing less than a gentlemen. Oh, and how can I forget about his swagger? I laid the word to rest way back when in 2009; but with his tats, ties, snapbacks and fitted caps, Gent brought the term back with such poise and charm. He enjoyed my company at days on end, and my feelings were mutual. The connection we shared was so magnetic and charismatic, that it almost seemed unreal.

Almost completely consumed in his aura, I found myself constantly fighting with my inner subconscious, who definitely wasn’t the captain of his cheerleading squad. Though they were only small issues, part of me just couldn’t see that his shortcomings made him perfectly imperfect. What I hated to admit the most, was that that subconscious part of me couldn’t accept Gent’s imperfections, because they were constantly being compared to those of Mr. Man..

Jazmine Sullivan’s In Love With Another Man can’t describe my state any more perfectly. Gent treats me better, we share common feelings and he would be the perfect choice, if I always thought with my brain and not my heart; but the world just doesn’t turn that smoothly. And no matter how much my brain attempts to convince my heart of what’s best, my heart tends to always come out on top….even if in the end, I’m left at rock bottom..


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