Moment of honesty.. Someone’s gotta take the lead tonight; who’s it gonna be? I’m gonna sit right here and tell you all that comes to me. If you have something to say you should say it right now. Why give up before we try? Feel the lows before the highs? Clip our wings before we fly away? I can’t say I came prepared. I’m suspended in the air. Won’t you come be in the sky with me? I was wondering maybe, could I make you my baby? If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy? Or would it be so beautiful? Either way I’m saying. If you ask me I’m ready.
-Alicia Keys

Dear Guy,

Often times I let my feelings get the best of me. They tend to either overwhelm me, or I can’t figure out how to best convert them into words. You said you wanted to take us to the next level. I’m not too filled with pride that I can’t admit that I was scared – scared of what the future could/would bring, scared of hurting you, and scared of being hurt. You said yourself we were each others’ support systems, so why can’t you understand my fears? You should know and understand them more than anyone else. You said you were skeptical – and you think I’m not? We’re not even together and you’ve already managed to hurt me. So what does that say for you? Or even for me? If things don’t work out, I’d be blaming myself for even putting myself in this situation – once again. Who’s to say what happened in the beginning won’t make a second appearance later on?

A friend told me love is about taking risks, and I agree. I think we’re both at a state of confusion as a consequence of our pasts. Whether or not you’ll acknowledge it is up to you, but I know you’re scared. Why won’t you let me walk with you? I’m not quite sure of the path ahead, but what does it matter if we get lost? As long as we have each other.. I said I would be a fool to jump and hope that you’d be there to catch me. But I think I’m willing to take a leap of faith, as long as you jump with me. Like I said before, sometimes my feelings seem to overwhelm me. In those times, I let music speak for me. I just hope, that you’ll listen…


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